Top 5 Ways to Save Money With Heating Bills

top 5 ways to save money with heating

Are you thinking about saving money? Then take a look at the Top 5 Ways to Save Money With Heating Bills.

You may not think that being careful with the amount energy you use will make much of a difference to your savings but you will be surprised what the Top 5 Ways to Save Money With Heating have to offer.

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Set the heating low and use less often


Setting your heating to be as low as you can handle and programming it to be used in boosts of say one hour in the morning, midday and afternoon will dramatically decrease the costs of your heating, you will be surprised how quickly you get used to the new temperature in your home.

Wear thick jumpers or have a cover on the sofa to watch TV you will realize you can keep warm for nearly free.

Estimate Savings: £90 per year

Lower the heat of your hot tap water


Is it really necessary to have your tap water boiling hot to point it can burn you? If you fill a bath or sink and then add cold water after to cool it down you might as well lower the water temperature to be at a more comfortable setting.

This will reduce the amount of gas needed to use the same amount of water.

If you are on a water meter it will also reduce the amount of water used because you now need less or no additional cold water to cool the hot water down.

Estimate Savings: £30 per year

Improve insulation around your home


It’s one thing filling your house with heat but it’s just as important to keep it all in, improving insulation and plugging air leaks around your house will help keep the heat in for longer which means you can now lower the heating settings and still get the same temperature.

Some of the above may cost so if you don’t own your home you may only want to choose to do the cheap affordable options.

Estimate Savings: £240 per year

If you have a shower use it


If you have a shower use it or buy a tap adaptable shower kit for around £20, the average bath uses five times more water than a shower, this means five times more electric or gas to heat the water and five times more water if you’re on a water meter.

I know it’s nice to have a warm bath now and again but it’s not really necessary to be having one every time you wash.

The average cost is 40p per bath £146 per year

Estimate Savings: £116 per year

Have your heating system cleaned


Having your heating system power flushed will improve the efficiency of your heating system as it removes any deposits that have built up inside it over time, this removes cold spots that can be found at the bottom of the radiators and helps increase the over all flow and heat of the system allowing you to lower its settings and still obtain the same temperature in your home.

Estimate Savings: £150 per year

Total Savings: £626 per year

I agree that some of the above steps have an initial investment but over time these steps will give you a return on your investment and also help reduce your carbon footprint which is another important factor.
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