Top 5 Ways to Save Money With Electricity Bills


Helping you save money around the home in this post, Top 5 Ways to Save Money With Electricity Bills.

Weather you have many occupants living with you or you live alone it’s always good to be as economical as possible, not only is it kind to your bank account it’s also kind to the Eco system helping reduce your carbon footprint which something that everyone should be taking seriously.

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Install energy saving LED lighting


The number benefits of installing LED lighting are astronomical, Bellow is a table of in comparison to your old style average light bulb to energy saving bulbs and then LED’s.

Energy efficiency and costsBulbEnergyLED
Average life span hours1200800050000
Annual CO2 emissions4500 lbs1050 lbs450 lbs
Watts of electricity used6013-156-8
Light output (Lumens)




















Annual operating cost£330£75£35

As you can see the benefits from installing LED light bulbs are amazing to say the least, they will last you for years, give you the same brightness, save money and greatly reduce your carbon footprint.

Estimate savings: £295 per year

Turn off all un-used devices and appliances


Turning off all unused devices and appliances before bed or leaving the house will save you a lot of money over a year, you could also buy a plug timer to automatically turn off at the times you leave for work and on just before you arrive home to ensure you don’t forget.

You can install motion sensor switches to your landings and rooms you don’t use often, these switches will automatically turn lights on and then go off when no motion is detected for a certain amount of time 1 to 16 minutes adjustable.

Estimate savings: £76 per year

Use central heating not electric heaters


The benefit of electric heaters is they can make you warm quite quick but the cost is astronomical, an electric heater works by using a controlled short across a coil or halogen bulbs which is extremely heavy on your electricity bill and the down side is once you turn them off the heat disappears very fast.

It’s much more efficient to use your central heating if you have it and set the timer better to heat an hour before you get out of bed or arrive home, central heating uses hot water inside radiators which stays hotter for longer than electric heaters which will save you money.

Cost of electric heater: £3755 per year

Cost of central heating: £1250 per year

Estimate savings: £2500 per year

Install dimmer switches

install dimmer switches

Installing dimmer switches in rooms you spend a lot of time in like bed rooms and living rooms can save you money, when you’re watching TV it’s doubtful you will want the light on full so you can turn it down which also uses less electricity and saves you money.

Generate your own electricity

generate your own electricity

Something a lot of people don’t consider is to actually generate your own electricity, while this is probably only for home owners the benefits can be amazing saving you up to 75% of your bills for life, some of the methods may have a substantial investment but after a few years the investments will pay for them self’s.

Estimate savings: Depends on which and how many things you choose to install but potentially 1000’s per year.

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