Top 5 Ways to Save Money With Coupons

Top 5 Ways to Save Money With Coupons

Let’s get coupon crazy, get into the habits of using coupons to save money and reduce shopping costs.

Organize your self

getting organized to save money ith coupons

Organize your coupons and take it seriously! If you see coupons in magazines, news papers and in the post etc.. Have a folder aside and store them in order of expiry.

Have 12 plastic wallets in a folder with the 12 months of the year written on them and store the coupons in them, you can use the coupons before the month they are on but if you’re on the same month the plastic wallet is on then you know you need to use those before they expire.

Collect the stores magazines

collect coupons from instore magazines

Store usually have their own magazine that can be taken for free and sometimes inside those magazines are the latest offers and promotions including coupons so make sure you always grab the latest addition and search it to see if you can save any money.

Fill in surveys for coupons

take surveys for coupons

Use this Google search and go to the websites that offer coupons for completing surveys, just 5 minutes of your tie can really be worth your while.

Get social get serious

follow social media to get coupons

Follow all of the stores social media accounts to get the latest updates for coupons, many stores world wide are using Facebook and Twitter etc.. to keep you up to date and they also post offers, promotions and printable coupons.

Buy in bulk if the offer is good

buy in bulk to save money with coupons

If the product you’re buying doesn’t have a sell by date like washing up liquid etc.. and the coupon requires a certain expense to be used then buy more of the item to get the products cheaper.

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