Top 5 Ways to Save Money on Food

top 5 ways to save money with food

The amount of food wasted each day is enormous learn how to save money and reduce your food waste.

On one side of the world there are people starving who struggle to get a bowl of rice a day and on the other there are people who buy to much and throw large amounts away each month.

In this money saving tip were going to show you how you can save money with food bills and help reduce the amount of food that is wasted.

Get a store points card

store cards

Getting a store points card for all the store you use will save you money and give you rewards, simply remembering to scan or swipe your card at each visit cost nothing but over time will save you lots of money.

Write out a meal plan

wrie a weekly meal plan

Writing out a weekly meal plan will reduce the amount of food you waste because you are now buying exactly what you need for each meal instead of chucking food into your trolley, if you’re stuck for ideas Google food recipes and buy only the amount of food per meal you need.

If you only need one pepper for example only buy on and not a full pack, if you struggle for time to cook you can always look at slow cooking meals, you can chuck your ingredients in and leave it all day so tea is ready when you arrive home after work.

Freeze and left over food

freeze left over food

After you have dished out your meals if there is a meal or more left over don’t waste it freeze it! If you buy frozen microwave meals at anytime then this is exactly the same, those meals are cooked and frozen then sold at supermarkets so take advantage of your left over food so you can reheat it.

Buy and cook in bulk

buy and cook in bulk

If you can provide the storage space and freezer space from a chest freezer you can buy in bulk and cook in bulk, plan your meals for a month, have the weeks repeat for that month so every Monday is the same meal for four weeks and so on etc.. Buy all of the ingredients at your local food wholesaler, spend a whole day preparing and cooking the meals then store them in a freezer and warm them up.

Grow your own and forage

grow your own veg and forage

Build your own vegetable patch and grow your own potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce etc.. Not only is your own grown food usually much more tasty and nutrient it will save you money.

Foraging for food on public lands from wild berry bushes or apple trees to make puddings is not only fun but its free so take advantage, go for a family walk enjoy the countryside and pick some food for tonight’s meals.

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