Top 5 Ways to Save Money With Water Bills

how to save money with water bills

Reducing water usage around the home will save you money and reduce your carbon footprint.

From over filling the kettle to taking baths everyday, reducing your habits around the home to reduce water usage will save you money and reduce your carbon footprint.

Evaluate if a water meter will help

fitting a water meter

A lot of people gasp at the thought of a water meter, they think that because it monitors your water usage it will cost you more money than not having one where you can use as much as you want with no risk.

Weather having a water will benefit you depends on the size of your home and the number of occupants that live there. If you have a large home with more rooms than your own but live alone then you will most likely save money having a water meter as the water board assesses your bill based on usage per room in your house even if the rooms are not being lived in.

If you live in a home with many people that have regular baths then a water meter may not be of use to you.

It greatly depends on how many rooms you have, how people you live with and how much water you use.

A great tool you can use to help estimate this Water Meter Switch

Get your water bill assessed

get your water bill assessed

Water companies will fit a water meter for free in your home in most cases but if they won’t or you don’t want one you can always ask for an assessed bill, they will ask you a series of questions about the number of people in your house hold, number of bedrooms, type of property etc.. and try to determine the correct figure.

Each company will have a different valuation based on area.

Annual estimate savings: up to £400 per year

You could be due a sewage reduction and rebate

reduce water sewage costs

When you pay your water bill you are paying for two parts, input and output. Meaning water comes out of the taps and the down the drains into the sewage.

If your home does not send as much water down the drains as it takes in then can reduce you water bill and also get a rebate for the over charge.

Things that will reduce your sewage:

Do you have a soak away?

Houses that do not have normal drainage systems outside of their homes that lead into the sewers can reduce their water bills and get a rebate, a soak away will send water into the ground through gravel then into pipes and out into a near by river or canal.

Annual estimate savings: up to £50

Is there a pond or swimming pool?

If you have a water meter and have a pond, swimming pool, Jacuzzi or other large container that consumes water you can ask your water company to reassess your sewage charge.

Be careful if you don’t have a water meter you may land your self with a bigger bill if you inform the water company you have one of those above.

Annual estimate savings: £150

Do you have a cesspit or septic tank?

If you live in rural area like on a farm then you may not have access to sewers at all, this means that you should not be paying any sewage charge at all and should contact your water company immediately if you’re being charged sewage.

Annual estimate savings: up to £600

Reduce the amount of baths you take

reduce water usage by taking showers

If you take regular baths then taking showers will save you money weather you have a meter or not because you can also save money on having to heat the water as well.

Annual estimate savings: up to £70

Get in line for free water reducing gadgets


If you check with your local water company they quite often have a range of water saving gadgets that they hand out for free, have a look on this website and see if you can get anything Water Saving Gadgets

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